09 / 02

The Bacosport group celebrated on February 09, 2019 its 50th anniversary which also coincides with the commemoration of the death of its President and Founder, Fire Mohamed Mohsen BEN ABDALLAH, many representatives of the Tunisian government was present as Mr. Mohamed Ennacer (President of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People), Mr. Slim Feriani (Minister of Industries), Mr. Hichem Ben Ahmed (Minister of Transport). Some highest personalities and executives of the Tunisian society (Utica, Connect, BIAT, ABC, Attijari Bank ....), partners, suppliers, executives and friends was also present. An emotional evening during which the partners and heirs of the group announced that they will ensure the continuity of the group that aims to consolidate and improve its business model by diversifying its portfolio of activities in market segments with great potential in Tunisia and abroad. Also, the partners and heirs of the group announced with great pride the creation of the Mohsen Ben Abdallah Foundation in line with the attachment of the founder of the group to his hometown and his region. A parade with the latest creations of lingerie, seaside, sportswear ... was presented during this evening too. Finally, the evening was closed by a tribute to former executives and collaborators and awards ceremony.