Leader in the textile industry in Tunisia, the "BACOSPORT" group is a true "Success Story". In fact, it has been challenging its competitors in terms of product quality and rapidity of services. "BACOSPORT" is an innovative, efficient, responsive group that is evolving surely, constantly and sustainably. Through its various subsidiaries, "BACOSPORT" has succeeded in increasing customer loyalty and filling its order portfolio thanks to continuous monitoring and continuous projection in the future.

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"BACOSPORT" has not ceased, since its long existence on the market (over 50 years), to diversify its products and services to respond to market fluctuations and changes in consumer attitudes. In fact, the "BACOSPORT" group has created over time several subsidiaries offering various products and services of confection and other commercial and industrial activities, to ensure its durability and its constant evolution.





  • Bacovet International

    Present in Boumerdess, this subsidiary specializes in the textile industry for world-renowned brands: Decathlon, La Redoute, Leo Minor, Calida, D & G and Emmebivi.

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  • Sovetex

    It is the subsidiary of the group "BACOSPORT" which is specialized in the manufacture of sportswear articles and underwear for men, women, children and baby in mesh.

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  • Bacomaille

    This subsidiary specializes in the manufacture of knitwear and swimsuits. She is a totally exporting company.

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  • Fadhila

    This subsidiary of the "BACOSPORT" group specializes in knitting and fabric making and the authentic "Mérioul Fadhila".

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  • Tunisia Sourcing

    It is an Off-Shore international trading company. Its mission is the international marketing of the various clothing products of the "BACOSPORT" group.

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  • BCM

    It is a subsidiary of the "BACOSPORT" group which is responsible for consulting and assistance in management.

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