Founded in 1967 by Mr. Mohsen Ben Abdallah, the "BACOSPORT» group is currently the leader of the textile industry in Tunisia. Demonstrating technical virtuosity since its creation, "BACOSPORT" is always in search of perfection. In fact, "BACOSPORT" is the exclusive manufacturer of multiple internationally renowned brands, especially in the field of making sportswear, swimwear, underwear, pajamas...

Due to its developed business sense, its qualified and faithful staff, its seriousness and its effective management of all the aspects of the work, "BACOSPORT» group has been able to conclude partnerships with prestigious multinational firms, namely: Mauchuaffée, Gonzelman, Sara Lee, Decathlon ...


A qualified and loyal workforce:

"BACOSPORT" owes much of its success to its qualified and expert staff. More than 1 500 employees, including 170 executives, work with motivation to maintain the group's reputation and to serve customers well. As a matter of fact, the workforce of "BACOSPORT" is characterized by a precious skill, a sense of responsibility, an exemplary responsiveness and an important sense of belonging to the group.


Respect of the environment, labor laws and women's rights:

"BACOSPORT" distinguishes itself mainly by its policy of equity and social justice in terms of wages, women's rights, workplace comfort and people with reduced mobility. This human dimension of the "BACOSPORT" group is consolidated by the respect for international standards of respecting the environment.

An ideal geographical position:

The headquarters of the "BACOSPORT" group is located in Djebel Jloud, Tunis, 15 minutes driving distance from the Carthage international airport and the port of Rades. This area is also known for its abundance of labor.